Re: Creation or Evolution

lmerkel on BIX (
28 Apr 95 19:16:34 GMT

Robert Scott <> writes:
:In article
:Elizabeth Ann Vining, writes:
:>Why ask a question that may never be answered?? Well because I feel that
:>there is just a slight possibility that creation as a theory may be true.
:>Why would people spend so much time and money on proving it wrong if they
:>weren't afraid that it is possible.. Thank you for your
:You are entitled to your beliefs. But, creation is not science.
How many of these "creationists" are aware that their "theory"
of the world's creation isn't Christian and isn't from the
ancient Israelites but from Babylon (Gilgamesh, etc.) and
even earlier tales?

So they should be arguing: "Hey, the Babylonians had the
true story of creation, and everything since is wrong."

-- Lee Merkel