Re: Who Killed the Australopithecines?

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21 Apr 1995 02:26:56 GMT

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>> In the study of Mitochondrial DNA it has been shown
>> (Wilson,Caan) that there has been no passage of genes from H.
>> >to H.Sapiens. One can agree with Bard that a sort of genocide took
>> >place on H.Erectus. One can also assume that this may be the case
>> >the Australopithecines.
>How does the study of Mitochondrial DNA show that there is no passage
>genes from H. Erectus to H. Sapiens, pray tell? And how do you square
>the theory that it does with the FACT that we have a lot of genes in
>common with the pongids, especially the chimpanzee species?
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>Pleas excuse the misunderstanding: explanation to follow.