Re: Creation or Evolution

Bob Loftin (
29 Apr 1995 01:55:06 GMT

Subject: Creation or Evolution
From: Elizabeth Ann Vining,
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 1995 10:44:03 -0600
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Elizabeth Ann Vining, writes:
>Why ask a question that may never be answered?? Well because I feel that
>there is just a slight possibility that creation as a theory may be true.
>Why would people spend so much time and money on proving it wrong if they
>weren't afraid that it is possible.. Thank you for your
> Elizabeth A. Vining

I must say that I think most of the effort of "proving something wrong"
has come from creationists. Most seem to think that if they prove
evolution to be wrong, then their particular version of creationism must
then be considered correct. The fact is that "creation science" really
has no significant body of scientific theory, literature, or current
research. It has been of no use in making any scientific predictions.
"Creation Science" consists almost entirely of efforts to discredit
evolutionary theory, all of which (to my knowledge) are scientifically
On the other hand, evolutionary theory did not start out to disprove
special creation. The simple truth is that the evidence collected in many
areas of science tend to confirm evolution. That does not amount to
efforts to disprove creation. It just means that evolutionary theory is
in general agreement with nearly every succesful branch of science. The
only time it is neccessary to "disprove" creationism occurs when
creationists attempt to have their so-called science taught along side
real, evidence-supported science.