Re: Anthropologists Suck!

Mon, 24 Apr 1995 01:50:20 GMT

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Phil Nicholls <> wrote:
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>Kathy41144 <> wrote:
>>I have been reading this news group periodically for several months and
>>have thoroughly enjoyed the lively and educational discussions until the
>>joker named Bard came on board. According to the rules on newsgroups that
>>I just finished reading, he should be prohibited from coming on line in
>>AOL if he continues to post cryptic, unrelavant messages. Can something
>>be done to stop him before this newsgroup suffers real damage?
>We could try another vote. Perhaps BARD will honor his pervious
>agreement to leave?
>QUESTION: has been posting inappropriate material to
> sci.anthropology.paleo. He should either refrain from
> flames and and messages that have nothing to do with the
> charter for this newsgroup or stop posting all together.
>Please vote YES, I agree with this statement.
> NO, Bard's posts are just find.
>Phil Nicholls "To ask a question you must first


Ok Phil, let's sum up:

You had your vote....

You posted a public apology saying you were wrong.

I accepted your apology.

For the past two weeks you've been responding to
my posts on a daily basis.

And now you want to call another vote for my removal...???

Don't you think your behavior is just a little immature?