Re: Anthropologists Suck!

Bonedaddy (
Mon, 24 Apr 1995 01:01:07 GMT

On 23 Apr 1995, Phil Nicholls wrote:
> QUESTION: has been posting inappropriate material to
> sci.anthropology.paleo. He should either refrain from
> flames and and messages that have nothing to do with the
> charter for this newsgroup or stop posting all together.

YES, he should leave.

But I feel I should add, to all those "freedom of speech" espousers out
there, that BARD was given more than his fair share of chances to change
his behaviour on this newsgroup. This has evidently had no effect on
him and he has continually made insulting derogatory remarks to others
who post here, even if it's just to get the last word in...IMO he will not
voluntarily leave even (when) the vote goes against him, and we should
take other measures.

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