Re: Who Killed the Australopithecines?

Sun, 23 Apr 1995 14:36:17 GMT

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>>>Now we have yet to hear you discuss evidence of ANY kind. Therefore
>>>I will ask again.
>>>WHY do you think Australopithecines were victums of genocide?
>>>Phil Nicholls
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>> A. species was the most cunning creature of its day.
> Evidence?
>> A. species was omnivorous.
> True of many primates
>> A. species' habitat was far larger than that of lower primates.
> When you are talking about "A. species" you are talking about
> the entire genus Australopithecus. There are several primate
> genera that occupy a much more diverse and geographically
> dispersed habitat than the Australopithecines.
>> Thus, A. species was more adaptable than the lower primates.
> Conclusion not supported by premise.
>> Thus, A. species should be with us today but is not.
> Since previous conclusion is unfounded this one is not
> supported either. Certain Australopithecines are not
> with us today but the assertion that they should be with
> us is not founded in fact.
>In effect, you have provided NO evidence to support your hypothesis.
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So, I don't have any evidence....

I never said I did...

Now will you settle down and stop yelling and screaming
like some dolt with his hair on fire?