Re: Who Killed the Australopithecines?

Sat, 22 Apr 1995 14:36:20 GMT

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JoeBeaver <> wrote:
>BARD writes:
>>JoeBeaver <> wrote:
>>> Read my post again. You'll find that I did not make any such
>>>proclamation. Nonetheless, I do support such a hypothesis. Why? Ever
>>>heard of Occam's Razor?
>>> Joe Beaver
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>> Whooaaa....!
>> Not so fast, Socrates....
>> Ever hear of fallacious reasoning...?
>> Your analogy doesn't work at all...
>> Comparing death to genocide reminds
>> us of the child seeing a Kangaroo and
>> saying, "Mommy, mommy, look-- a giant mouse!"
>> You really need to put Occam's Razor down until you learn
>> how to use it properly.
> Not so fast yourself, buddy. Yes, I've heard of fallacious
>reasoning. I wish I could accuse you of such, but since you don't present
>any attempts at reason of any sort--fallacious or otherwise--I can't. My
>analogy doesn't work? I'll admit it isn't all that good, but argument by
>analogy is always tricky--witness your kangaroo analogy. As for my
>learning to use Occam's Razor properly, I can see where that statement
>came from. My homicide-genocide analogy was an attempt to illustrate an
>application of Occam's Razor, not an attempt to apply it to the original
>point. I made the assumption (apparently incorrect) that you knew what
>Occam's Razor was. . .oh, well.
> I look forward to the next exchange.
> Joe Beaver


Something's wrong here...

I cancelled the post your last post is a follow-up to.

It was written in haste on my way out the door.

There should be another in this group somewhere that
I wrote when I returned home.

If you don't mind, kindly respond to that one.