Re: Apology: Re BARD

Steve Price (
14 Apr 1995 00:41:17 -0700

In article <groo-0904950702060001@>, Kiran Wagle wrote:
> (Phil Nicholls) wrote:
> > I would like to apologize to the regular sci.anthropology.paleo
> > regulars for the user known as "BARD." He showed up on
> > I had no idea he would behave like a complete Jackass once he got here.
> Oh well, you couldn't know., like most talk groups, is a
> place for jackasses to hang out, commiserate, and attempt to breed.
> There's only one poster of substance on that newsgroup.

As a howler monkey, I take acception to being called a jackass!

BTW, I hope you weren't refering to Ted Holden.

PS. You're a mendicant.

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