Re: Who Killed the Australopithecines?

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22 Apr 1995 21:08:12 GMT

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>>WHY do you think Australopithecines were victums of genocide?
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> A. species was the most cunning creature of its day.


> A. species was omnivorous.

True of many primates

> A. species' habitat was far larger than that of lower primates.

When you are talking about "A. species" you are talking about
the entire genus Australopithecus. There are several primate
genera that occupy a much more diverse and geographically
dispersed habitat than the Australopithecines.

> Thus, A. species was more adaptable than the lower primates.

Conclusion not supported by premise.

> Thus, A. species should be with us today but is not.
Since previous conclusion is unfounded this one is not
supported either. Certain Australopithecines are not
with us today but the assertion that they should be with
us is not founded in fact.
In effect, you have provided NO evidence to support your hypothesis.

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