Re: *** DARWIN WAS WRONG!!! ***

Kathy41144 (
3 Apr 1995 00:43:02 -0400

>Evolution _is_ only a theory. There is - by NO means - a
>_law_ of evolution. Maintenance of an open mind is crucial to the
>development of new evolutionary thought. This includes giving
>consideration to religious dogma in this regard.

I believe that you used the correct word " dogma". Darwin, for all his
greatness, only laid the groundwork for the remarkable work that has been
done throughout the years to solidify the theory of evolution. One need
only look around to know that the tremendous diversity of life, so
perfectly tuned to specific niches, could only have evolved through time.
And according the E. O. Wilson, given the right conditions, this evolution
can often occurr rather quickly in geological time. For more info on
this, read his book titled "The Diveristy of Life"

Having been born and raised a Mormon, I have witnessed both sides of the
coin, and nothing could be more beautiful and comforting than the Theory
of Evolution and natural selection.