Re: Cloned Australoppthecines In our Future?

Geoff Lewis (
3 Apr 1995 05:49:15 GMT

In <> (BARD) writes:

> Future source of dumb labor?
> Or will it ever be technologically possible to obtain the
> necessary genetic material from existing skeletal remains
> of these creatures? Somehow I have the feeling that mother
> earth hasn't seen the last of them.
> And this question continues to nag me: why did the apes
> survive and not the Australopithecines?
> Bard

Obviously, the apes are well adapted to life in the trees,
because they still exist today. The australopithecines evolved
into the homo habilis, which evolved into the homo erectus, and
then the homo sapiens. In a way, the australopithecines did
survive. They became us.