Re: ESR dating

Kathy41144 (
3 Apr 1995 00:55:15 -0400

I feel that in the field of science, no information is set in stone. New
dating techniques can reveal new and exciting information that perhaps may
cause accepted hypotheses to be abandoned in favor of others. For
instance, Carbon 14 dating, although it is very limited in its scope,
brought tremendous improvement over relative dating procedures and dating
via strategraphy. Electron Spin Resonance along with other new dating
techniques, can help fill in the gaps that occur between Carbon 14 dates
and those of Postassium Argon. And also date materials that are not
amendable to these methods.

Of course, no dating technique currently known is completed accurate
because of many variables. But new technologies should at least be tried
and studied and their results compared to form new hypotheses if