Re: Cloned Australoppthecines In our Future?

Mon, 3 Apr 1995 06:14:10 GMT

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Geoff Lewis <> wrote:
>In <> (BARD) writes:
>> Future source of dumb labor?
>> Or will it ever be technologically possible to obtain the
>> necessary genetic material from existing skeletal remains
>> of these creatures? Somehow I have the feeling that mother
>> earth hasn't seen the last of them.
>> And this question continues to nag me: why did the apes
>> survive and not the Australopithecines?
>> Bard
> Obviously, the apes are well adapted to life in the trees,
> because they still exist today. The australopithecines evolved
> into the homo habilis, which evolved into the homo erectus, and
> survive.


Had it been decided to kill all the apes they wouldn't exist either, no
matter their skill at tree dwelling.


Sub-species don't automatically die out.