Re: *** DARWIN WAS WRONG!!! ***

Victor Debattista (
31 Mar 1995 15:30:06 -0500 (Greggory Senechal) writes:

>Christian Sanelli ( wrote:

>> Or at least that's what Phillip Johnson, author of "Darwin on Trial"
>> says. On Wednesday, March 29 at 7pm in the Foellinger Auditorium on
>> the University of Illinois campus, Mr. Johnson will be refuting the
>> claims of Darwin and evolutionists everywhere!
>> If you are a well-versed evolutionist, please come and challenge Mr.
>> Johnson!

> Why shouldn't his opinions and thoughts on the matter be
>considered soberly? Darwin was drowned by opponents to his views on
>evolution.. Now he is looked upon as the father of modern
>evolutionary theory. Perhaps if you took a more academic and less
>aggressive stance, you would learn something.

> Gregg
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The problem with this is that all too often the "evolution is wrong"
argument masks a political agenda by a conservative Christian wing that wants
everyone to believe that god made it all in 7 days, it's all there in the
bible so why don't we all shut up and just believe it. Even at their most
"scientific", their arguements are based upon obfuscation. Lest you believe
that this is totally harmless, they have tried to reinstate teaching of the
biblical creation myth in schools alongside Darwinian theory. Even our dear
former Commander-in-Chief, Ronnie, has commented: "Well, evolution is only a
theory". For those of us who believe that these people are out to legistlate
their religious beliefs, this is a big deal indeed.

Just blowing off steam.