Re: book on New Mexico?

Tue, 21 Jun 1994 12:35:07 +1200

Jim Stansbury correctly identified the book with Red in title that I was
looking for, as well as suggesting some other titles. With his permission
I am forwarding the off-line reply for other list members who might be


>Date: Mon, 20 Jun 94 11:11:28 EDT
>From: Jim Stansbury <>
>Subject: Re: book on New Mexico?
>To: DIANE BENNETT <Diane.Bennett@VUW.AC.NZ>
>'Red Sky at Morning' is correct, about a teenager moving to Eastern New Mexico,
> a fantastic novel but I can't for the life of me remember the author. Also
>John Nichol's stuff is wonderful. M. Scott Momaday's 'House Made of Dawn'
>deals with a young man returning to Jemez Pueblo, the Jemez mountains being
>one place a visitor might want to hit. Also it is on the road to Chaco
>Canyon, heart of the ancient Anasazi and Navajo country if one is travelling
>from Albuquerque. Rudolfo Anaya's 'Bless me Ultima' is another NM classic.