book on New Mexico?

Mon, 20 Jun 1994 11:39:48 +1200

Danny Yee's post reminded me of a book I'd like to reread, if only I could
remember title and or author. It's a novel about life in New Mexico. As I
remember, one of the main characters came from the East (US, not Orient),
chingao is used a lot, and one passage is very humourous about traveling
from West Texas into NM. The word red *may* be in the title, the title
*may* be something that makes me think of Red Sky at Morning, or, then
again, not. This was recommended to me as a good way to get a
non-analytical feel for the place when I went to field school in Phoenix in
the late 70's. Not much to go on, but if this stimulates anyone's brain
I'd like to try and find a copy, and I think Danny Yee might enjoy it to.

Thanks, Diane

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