Satanism, child sacrifice, etc.

Tue, 21 Jun 1994 12:31:38 +1200

Natural can also be a put-down to the people/cultures apparently being
commended, defended or protected by us in selecting that over
non-industrial or any other label. At the simplest side of this
polyhedron, there is the old culture vs nature stuff, so just what do we
imply by flattering anybody with the term natural?

I ain't got the time to be eloquent or even intelligent about this
today--starter motor (car's, not mine) declined to start this morning,
advised by AAA resuscitator (of car, not me) that hitting it with iron
pipe, as he did, usually only works once, I drove directly to the
mechanic's, walked to work in rain, and settled down to work with wet feet.
When the mail handler beeped with one more message on natural, my
shortened fuse burned out. I don't have the energy to tease out all the
forms of chauvinism I see flitting through some of these discussions (which
was sort of my point when I flared at Dan Foss on his non-sexist comments
on gender-biased language awhile back--sorry Daniel, you weren't the
specific target, just standing in the line of fire), but I have a suspicion
we (me included) disguise a lot of that in political correctness, apparent
openmindedness, and fancy academic talk. I also don't have time to read
all the posts on this thread to see if anyone else has made the
culture-nature point, but even if they have it might need making again.

Thanks, I needed that.


PS to Julia Clebsch--Thanks for your message, I tried to reply but the
machine at NAU told me you were unknown. Let me know how to forward the
message. diane