Human Variation Texts

Stephen Nawrocki (nawrocki@GANDLF.UINDY.EDU)
Thu, 16 Jun 1994 17:54:01 -0400

I know we've covered this topic in the past, so please bear with me. I've been
looking for a good text(s) for a sophomore-level course on human biological
variation. Most of the students are biology majors and have had little if any
anthropology yet, and in this course I have the opportunity to introduce them to
the field. Topics I cover are:

(1) evolutionary theory / Darwin / microevolution (a little macroevolution)
(2) human genetics
(3) human adaptation & variation
(4) growth and development
(5) demography

Note that I do NOT cover primate and human evolution, sociobiology or behavioral
biology, subsistence strategies, nutrition, or disease in any detail (these are
the topics of other courses in our human biology sequence).

Last year I used Harrison/Tanner et al (Human Biology) & Molnar (Human
Variation), but still had to assign a ton of outside readings, especially in the
areas of adaptation & acclimatization and demography. I hate to keep piling on
specialty books in the current economic climate and was hoping that there was
one text that covered these issues in depth, without having to go to a general
intro to physical anthro text. Any ideas?

(Note -- I'm not on ANTHRO-L and would thus appreciate direct responses).

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