Re: Info. needed on B.U.

Cecilia Maria B Sardenberg (cecisard@SUNRNP.UFBA.BR)
Thu, 16 Jun 1994 18:06:24 -0300

Dear anthro-l's,

Sometimes I read messages on this and other lists, where people wonder
about the relevance/uses of the inter/bitnet. I do confess that there are
times when the discussions on the list get a bit far off. But I am now
totally convinced that there are marvelous people in this list, who do
not hesitate in coming to the help of a fellow anthro-l.

Last night (precisely at 22.41, Bahian time), I placed a 'sos' message
regarding information on B.U. anthropology faculty. In less than 12
hours, I had received more than 10 messages, from all over the US.

Though I intend to thank each one of you in private, I think I owe it to
all of you a big THANK YOU in PUBLIC. ANd I take this opportunity to say
how important it has been for me -- away from the US for over seven years
and on my way back, hopefully by the end of this year -- to be able to
sit in front of my computer (here, all the way in Salvador, Bahia), and
get caught up in what is going on within the field of Anthropology over

Cheers to all anthro-l's. Thanks for your solidarity. Hope I can be of
some help to you as well.


Cecilia Sardenberg
Salvador, Bahia, BRASIL