new radicalized john o'brien speaks out

Thu, 16 Jun 1994 19:43:07 EDT


Your last flurry of posts might well, do you think, stand sharpening
into two principal demands:

1. We need a Howard Stern of the Left. For selfevident reasons, there
cannot be a Rush Limbaugh of the Left.

2. The System being so patently senseless, better to eradicate in in
a day and a half than to spend fifteen years formulating the theoretical
critique of this stage of capitalism, which by then should be over and yet
another critique be necessary. No time for Explaining, act NOW or double
your money back! The history of revolution shows that obsolete vestiges
are best demystified once they have been overthrown. Equality of Result

That sums up your feelings today, John?

Daniel A. Foss