Finding reviewers for manuscripts

Hugh Jarvis (C129QP43@UBVM.BITNET)
Mon, 13 Jun 1994 15:08:40 EDT

As various people have observed, the net is a very fast way to process
manuscripts, and thus a very convenient means of getting manuscripts
recviewed. I recommend that people use this medium. It is not hard to
post a message such as "Wanted: People interested in reviewing an
article on.....", is it? The only complaint I have is that so many
of our "scientific" colleagues still don't use the net. I find it
annoying (no right to but I do), and I am beginning to favour
communicating more with those that do use email. Are others also
experiencing/exhibiting this behaviour? If so, I guess it means
that those who don't use email will become left in our dust...? ;-)
Or does this signify a new rift formin.....? :-(