Re: Position Available

Dana Gray (dgray@SHERLOCK.DAC.UGA.EDU)
Mon, 13 Jun 1994 15:08:17 -0600


"Computer support person" with a strong background in human
geography or anthropology to manage a GIS lab within a Department
of Anthropology. Lab consists now of a networked cluster
of 10 machines. Familiarity with GRASS, ATLAS-GIS, IDRISI
and pc-NFS preferred. Specific duties include:

1) lab hardware/software maintenance -- support the day-to-day computer
operation of the department and the lab. Perform necessary routine
maintenance required of SUN, IBM-PC and MACINTOSH platforms.
Network administration, liaison to building network administrator.

2) build expertise -- promote use of the lab through direct means such
as teaching short courses and indirect means such as supervising
graduate students working in the lab/department on hardware/software
maintenance and upgrade.

3) research involvement -- build the lab into personal research
activities and offer expertise in drafting proposals to other
members of the department.

Closing date for applications is August 1, 1994.

Write to:

Dr. Robert E. Rhoades
Professor and Head
Department of Anthropology
University of Georgia
Athens, GA 30602-1619

*University of Georgia is an Equal Opportunity Employer*