Roger Eric Chafe (chafe@SFU.CA)
Mon, 13 Jun 1994 12:25:51 -0700


The recent development of computer mediated communication (CMC)
as a nascent cultural tool in anthropology has many implications.
Often discussions of the usage of CMC have been engaged by
numerous professors of anthropology and other related

I would like to take a moment to ask those students out there
using CMC what exactly the benefits and drawbacks of CMC have
been thus far?

I am interested in all responses but would like to address a few
key questions. First, how does CMC effect the existing power
structure of institutional anthropology? I would like to hear
from students who can validate the query that the use of CMC
means change in the ways in which they relate to departments and

Will the development of E-journals, listservers like anthro-l,
discussion groups, news groups, hypertext, etc.., change the ways
in which students relate to the traditional avenues of
anthropological discourse?

What about online identity? What will CMC do for gender in
anthropology as far as students go?

Does CMC afford students an avenue for the discussion of ideas
outside of departmental interests?

Can CMC be used as another way to prepare students for research
and teaching?

What say will/do students have in the usage of CMC in the

How much time do you use on CMC for anthropological purposes?
When do you use it and why?

I know most of this seems a bit redundant but if you could take
the time to respond I would be ever grateful. Please e-mail me