MayaQuest Archaeology Survey (fwd)

Elissa Beach (ebeach@ACAD.STEDWARDS.EDU)
Thu, 8 Feb 1996 21:23:48 -0600

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This was sent to the list by Hugh Jarvis - I felt it unfortunate that the
thread was never mentioned again. IMHO this is a wonderful example of the
good that technology can bring to lives. MayaQuest is so exciting, I
happened upon a program about it and was extremely impressed. I hope
everyone has an opportunity to check it out. If you have already, I would
love to hear your comments. Down with Dog poop! Elissa Beach

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>Subject: MayaQuest Archaeology Survey (fwd)
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> Hugh
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>Date: Mon, 29 Jan 1996 08:03:13 -0600
>From: Steve Buettner <>
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>> Please consider taking a moment to answer these three questions.
>> Last year I led the MayaQuest expedition which set out to illuminate the
>> Classic Maya Collapse. Here's how it worked: A team of explorers traveled
>> to Mexico and Central America equipped with state-of-the-art laptop
>> and satellite dishes. Each week the team posted a ballot to the Internet
>> that let an on-line ballot vote on the team's route, sending them to one of
>> 19 active Maya sites. At each site, an on-line audience interacted with
>> on-site experts and took a crack at answering questions relevant to
>> MayaQuest '96 launches in March. Again, we will be shooting weekly
>>segments for CNN; Our World Wide Web site (
>>will receive over a million hits. (It will offer team updates, background on
>>the Maya, expedition photographs, teacher guides and direct connection to
>> Mayanists. Last year, the site received 1.2 million hits. Access is free.)
>> We did not come up with any earth-shattering breakthroughs on the collapse
>> last year but we did create a successful distance learning program that
>> National Public Radio called the best in the country. Through the 14 CNN
>> broadcasts that we produced, articles in USA Today, The Christian Science
>> Monitor and Newsweek, and a forthcoming Prime Time Live segment, we
>>generated a pretty powerful vehicle to communicate issues.
>> As we prepare for MayaQuest `96, we would like your input:
>> 1. What central message(s) would best serve the archaeological community
>>and the interests of the contemporary Maya?
>> 2. On which sites in Mexico, Belize or Guatemala--either contemporary or
>> ancient--should we focus attention
>> 3. Would you consider answering students' questions regarding your work
>>and the Maya by serving as an online expert during one week between March
>>and April? Past examples are archived at
>> gopher://
>> Thank You!