Re: Iroquois and the Constitution

Mary Kelly (mkelly@CCPL.CARR.LIB.MD.US)
Thu, 8 Feb 1996 21:54:13 -0500

Dear Ms. Rohrlich,
After my comments this morning you wrote to me privately to say
you were surprised that I would be in with the "feminist-bashers". Since
you know only that I am a woman, I assume you were surprised solely on
the basis of my gender.
I am actually a woman, 40 years old. My sister is an active
member in NOW. My 12 year old daughter marched with the NOW float in a
local parade. My other sister and I go salmon fishing yearly and just
fishing whenever we can. I also white water canoe. Oh, and I like men -
which is forturnate as they make up half the species.
While I am stronger than most women, I am not as strong as the
average man. Testosterone. This means if I have to lift and drag 100
lbs objects, I can but if a man offers to help I say thank you. Not
being gender biased, when women offer to help, I also say thank you.
I think it is very important that women and men change their
behaviour based on current environmental factors. But constantly whining
that the problem is men and men better stop, strips all the power right
out of women's hands just as effectively as sexism from men. I and many
feminists think it is more important that women just do what needs to be
done to be equal rather than constantly complain that men -all men it
seems to you- just don't play nice.
And lets try to remember that very real physiological differences
exist between men and women - some people even like them.

Beth kelly <>