war in eamil (was: Weclome Laurie!)

Jacinta Miller (jascraig@GEKO.NET.AU)
Fri, 9 Feb 1996 15:52:41 +1100

At 06:09 PM 8/02/96 -0500, you wrote:
>Laurie ... if I may call you Laurie. I really wouldn't want to assume like
>someone else has (who claims not to appreciate such things). You should
>also be aware that what Ms. Rohrlich refers to as "really good discussions"
>is referring to a poster as retarded. And while I now regret deleting the
>message, I'd be willing to bet my paycheck that within Ms. Rohrlich's post
>was a statement that referred to watchdog as a sexist term. No one pulled
>it out of the air. I think my quote sez the most on the Rubster ... and by
>the way ... welcome to the list! Have a good time, look, learn, and share
>with us. A feminist-baiter ... that's a live one. Fortunately, my mother
>taught me better ... we are all eq

etc... [snip]

I want to say first off I am sorry if anyone is offended by this.

Guys, I have only been on this list for a few months, and on the whole I
have ejoyed the dicussions. Recently however, I have been considering
dropping the list as I'm not interested in 'feminist-baiting' or
'watchdogging' of reading private email (of which the above is an example),
or watching flame war.


If you want to discuss these things, I suggest that you do it be private
email, or at least put 'OFF' in the subject line, so I know what I can delete.

If someone wants to start a flame war, ignore them, or again take it to
private email. I'm tired of it (and as there are 900+ other people also
reading, I think some of them might be tired of it too)

Thank you for your time

Jacinta Miller