Change of List's Header to Private (please read)

Hugh W. Jarvis (hjarvis@ACSU.BUFFALO.EDU)
Fri, 29 Sep 1995 12:00:52 -0400

I am about to change the list header to only allow subscribed people
to post to anthro-l. This has it's good and bad sides. It helps to
keep out spams and other junk mail which sneak by the listserver. It
also prvents non-subscribed friendlies from posting to. But most
friendlies don't expect to be able to post directly anyway. Finally,
however, it will also affect all of you whose email addresses do
not exactly match what is listed in the subscriber list! The reason
why I am planning to make the change is that I am getting deluged by
delivery error messages and I believe many of them could be prevented
were people to keep their subscription addresses current (which they
don't need to do as they can post regardless right now).

Once the change is made, you will still get mail wherever/however
you already do, BUT when you try to post, if your message doesn't
get through, send a "review anthro-l" to ""
and check to see how you are listed. Then, if your listed address is
not what you routinely post from, you have several options:
1. Unsub that address and resubscribe from your routine one.
2. Subscribe from your other address and set one of them to
nomail (i.e send "set anthro-l nomail" to "listserv.."
from one of the addresses)
3. Only if one of these will not work, contact me.

Please don't post error messages on this to the list. Try the fixes
then contact me directly.

Hugh Jarvis
Co-Owner Anthro-l