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Matthew S. Tomaso (Tomaso@MAIL.UTEXAS.EDU)
Sat, 16 Sep 1995 10:54:09 -0500

The number of anthropological references on ethnicity /communal identity
since Barth's seminal work in the 1960s are too extensive to be presented in
an informal way. Here are some examples which provide, at best, just a
small sample.

anything by Frederik Barth (cultural anthro).
""" by Louis Allaire (archaeology)

Adam, Heribert and Hermann Giliomee
1979 _Ethnic Power Mobilized: Can South Africa Change?_ New
haven Yale U. Press

Campisi, Jack
1991 _The MAshpee Indians: Tribe on Trial_. Syracuse U. Press.

du Toit, B. ed
1978 _Ethnicity in Modern Africa_ Westview Press.

Gordon, Milton Myron.
1978 _Human Nature, Class adn Ethnicity_ New York: Oxford.

Greeley, Andrew M.
1974 _Ethnicity in teh United States: A Preliminary
Reconnaissance_ New York: Wiley.

Linnekin, Jocelyn and Lin Poyer, eds
1990 _Cultural Identity and Ethnicity in the Pacific_. U. Hawaii

Comarroff, John and Jean Comarroff
1992 Of totemism and ethnicity. In _Ethnography and the
Historical Imagination_. Westview Press.

Cohen, Abner
1974 _Urban Ethnicity_. London:Tavistock

Smith, Gavin
1991 The production of culture in local rebellion. In _Golden
Ages, Dark Ages: Imagining the Past in Anthropology and History_. Edited
by J. O'Brien and Willia Roseberry. Berkeley: U. Cal. Press.

Woost, Michael
1994 Developing a nation of villages: Rural community as state
formation in Sri Lanka. _Critique of Anthropology_. 14(1).

Cohen, Ronald
1978 Ethnicity: Problems and focus in anthropology. _Annual
Review of Anthropology_. 7.

Widding, A. Jacobson, ed
1983 _Identity: Personal and Socio-cultural, a Symposium_
Humanities Press.

More can be provided, but not atthe moment since I am a bit too busy.

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