David Roland Strong (david306@CLUBHOUSE.EMAIL.NET)
Sat, 16 Sep 1995 06:09:27 CDT

Mort Sahl told a joke about seeing a Navajo sitting on the
sidewalk in NYC with an empty tin cup and a sign that said:
Sometimes I think the world is crazy when I hear complaints
about how "ethnic minorities" are treated in the USA (better
than in many countries, like Bosnia, but that's another story),
and the "pre-Columbian" inhabitants, most of whom were killed,
are conveniently overlooked. In case someone has not noticed,
we have barbed wire compounds where people are born, grow old,
and die within the USA. When slaves were being used to grow
cotton, whose land were they on? The novel idea of "property"
having rights over clean air and clean water (which I think are
necessary for survival - but I'm not a member of the AMA so I
probably should not speak up) seems especially insane when one
considers that the people who occupied those parts of the land
that were occupied before the slave holders were born had their
entire tribes wiped out or shipped off to the desert.
Before I get REALLY strung out on a note that has no
point, I will quit writing, for now.
David Roland Strong
Austin Texas USA