Make one (or more) on EXXON

Sat, 9 Sep 1995 13:14:05 -0400

The following message is reposted from TOXLIST (an environmental mailing
list) by ACRA for the benefit of the historic preservation community. The
800 number given in the posting is paid for by EXXON in hopes that people
will use it to call their members of congress for free and express their
support of deregulation and coincidentally things like the Valdez disaster.
As Doug Morrison has suggested, this same number can be used to express your
dismay with deregulation. This may be for a limited time only, so pick up
that phone and make that call. I would like to thank my brother Nick Wheaton
(a chemist at Emory University Hospital) for putting me on to this.



To: all environmentally concerned TOXLIST readers:

From: Doug Morrison

This message is forwarded from Antonio Quinones-Rivera. It appears that
Exxon has set up an 800 number to contact US Senators about environmental
legislation, presumably for opponents of environmental regs to use. This
is a public number, however, so environmentally-friendly citizens can also
call their elected representatives on Exxon's tab. I would suggest using
this opportunity while it is still available. The number is:


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> Date: Mon, 31 Jul 1995 22:34:44 -0600 (MDT)
> From: kevin john geiger <>
> Hello all,
> Exxon Corporation has set up/paid for a 1-800 line to contact US
> Senators. It is under the auspice of a group that wants to refine
> environmental laws and the regulatory tendency of US environmental
> policy. The thing to remember is that EXXon is paying. Anyway, a
> group in Boulder has been trying to get this number out to the other
> side, if Exxon is providing we shall take. They pay the bill but
> caller is simply connected to the office of a US Senator.
> 1) Dail 1-800-444-1555
> 2) They will give you a short recorded message.
> 3) Follow instructions if you have a touch tone phone, public ones
> best and they have other advantages. :>
> 4) Enter a zip code...they ask for yours but it doesn't have to
> can
> be any in the US.
> 5) Make a choice of the elected politician's office you want to be
> connected to.
> 6) When the staff person answers you are set to discuss the
> environmental reform regulations, OR ANY OTHER ISSUE YOU WANT!
> Couple of tricks...we found they limit the number of calls to 3 from
> number. Solution: public phones are everywhere...enjoy Exxon's
> corporate attempt to influence "grassroots democracy".
> Kevin
>Jeff Howard
>Researcher/Writer/Editor -- Toxic Pollution, Environmental Health
>Member of Coordinating Committee -- Green Party of Rhode Island