Re: The Nature of Warfare

Wed, 6 Sep 1995 11:00:13 -0600

I am offended by your reference to Coyote. Are you Native American? By
what right do you have to refer to yourself by the name of Trickster.
The trickster teaches people how not to be, is this what you are saying?
I find it incredibly presumptious if you are a white male to refer to
yourself by something that many Native people find sacred.


On Wed, 6 Sep 1995, Robert Johnson wrote:

> Anthropology must strike against injustice and the presence of
> racism and sexism in the American university system.
> If Richard Brown thinks I'm bluffing about the University of
> Colorado maybe he can answer some questions...
> Why, after years of cover-ups of racist discrimination, sexist
> discrimination, and sexual harassment by Dean Charles Middleton,
> is the State of Colorado going to deal with him?
> Why, after costing the State of Colorado hundreds of thousands
> of dollars in payouts for his inaction and cover-ups of racism,
> sexism, and sexual harassment, is the State of Colorado going
> to deal with Dean Charles Middleton?
> Could it be that the State of Colorado was finally shamed
> enough to act because people all over this planet had learned of
> Charles Middleton's antics through the mediums of Internet listservs
> by the one person with guts enough to inform them?
> A Liberation Anthropologist.
> Why does the University of Colorado now have a policy for the
> Internet which recognizes a students rights to freedom of
> expression as granted by the First Amendment to the U.S.
> Constitution?
> Now, answer me another question Richard...
> Do you think Dr. Payson Sheets, who discriminated against a
> Navaho student by seeking to expel him from the doctorate
> program, feels he can verbally assault women, and sought to
> set up his most vocal critic with the police, should still be
> on the faculty of Anthropology at the University of Colorado?
> You see Richard, to strike at injustice, one must use tactics of
> stealth, have good intelligence sources, and choose one's
> battlefield.
> You must confuse your enemy and lull him into complacency. You must
> allow him to believe you are no match for him, unintelligent,
> and crazy. Then you will have a chance of defeating those more
> powerful than you.
> Like Coyote.