Re: Anthropology and science

Cameron Laird (claird@STARBASE.NEOSOFT.COM)
Wed, 6 Sep 1995 08:24:03 -0500

The usual responses to this approach are, in my experience,
methodologic and/or epistemologic. In

Brown, Donald Edward
1991 Human universals. Temple
University Press, Philadel-

though, there's an answer from the bottom up to the question
about how well we can come to an agreement on what is uni-
versal. I've posted a couple of reviews of Brown already
(although I can't seem today to find any of them on-line;
perhaps more on that, later), so I'll confine myself now to
recommending it both as a well-written, well-edited mono-
graph, with a useful bibliography occupying almost fifty
pages, and also as a pedagogically-valuable introduction to
the anthropologic enterprise. Some ideologues have accused
Brown of committing sociobiology, but this work, at least,
is sophisticated and thoughtful.

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