Re: Illegal Censorship on anthro-l?

Robert Johnson (johnsorl@COLORADO.EDU)
Mon, 4 Sep 1995 23:12:44 -0600

On Mon, 4 Sep 1995, Allan Dunn wrote:

> I signed onto this list because I thought there would be
> interesting discussions on the subject of anthropology. Of course,
> I'm just a humble student with pedestrian interest in the subject and
> haven't published any papers or anything.
> Despite my shortcomings, can the humble student ask one simple
> question of the list-members? Why don't we change this list to:
> Robert-Johnson-Bitchandwhine-L list
> In my humble opinion, I can't see where most of the current articles have
> anything to do with anthropology or even intelligent discourse, it has a
> lot to do with very practiced egotism and a lot of righteous griping.
> I think everyone has something instructive to say on this list and total
> agreement on all subjects is boring, not to mention unscientific. Even
> RJ is interesting when he doesn't throw a fit and threaten litegation
> and throw insults to the four-winds (and returning some, bear in mind).
> I also don't know why throwing someone off a moderated list shouldn't be
> allowed, providing that there are clear guidelines for this, that RJ
> should have been able to understand, after being thrown off once before
> (and out of several others, I understand). RJ seems to have a lot of
> time to compose his very long, descriptive essays. Perhaps he could
> moderate a public list named after whatever it is he espouses exactly.
> I signed up to discuss and explore anthropology, except for this one
> entry, because I can't take having my ^%&$@ box filled with RJ and all
> his detractors and supporters and all their endless dialogue about RJ
> (which I suspect RJ gets much gratification from).
> Okay, I'm done. No more whining from me. Anyone else?
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I'm getting the strange feeling this guy has come to the right