Re: Odd Tactics

Allan Dunn (adunn@LCLARK.EDU)
Mon, 4 Sep 1995 22:09:23 -0700

On Mon, 4 Sep 1995, Robert Johnson wrote:

> I have been recieving some rather odd private e-mail from
> Hugh Jarvis, Dave Rindos from Australia (really psychotic stuff),
> and some strange acccusations about a bizarre plot by Hugh and Dave
> from Gil Hardwick, who was banned from anthro-l by Hugh, libeled
> Dave, and banned me from his list group.
Why should I care? I signed up to this list for anthropology, not your
personal problems with other members on this list. Discuss this with
them, if you have a problem with them. It is not my problem, it is the
problem of few others on this list.

> And you guys think I'm crazy!
right now you sound a little crazy. Of course, I'm not licensed and I'm
not sure what you are talking about. I'm sure your dying to tell us all.
But...I really don't care!

> One thing, as I have said. To ban me from anthro-l would be against
> the law. This means the law will get to the bottom of these antics.
Why would it be against the law to ban YOU from this list? The only
antics I am aware of, being only a typical, casual user, are yours, my
friend. For you, this ranting is therapy, for me it wastes box-space.
Please refrain if you can.

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