Re: RJ & his antagonists: please stop it

JC Garelli (garelli@ATTACH.EDU.AR)
Sat, 2 Sep 1995 14:01:38 +0000

On Fri 1 September, Mario Rabey wrote,

> Hi. I am Argentinian. I live in Argentina. I work here.
> Our phone-calling rates are much higher than the American ones.
> Our salaries are less than a half of the American salaries.
> So, please stop with filling my e-mail box and my phone line with that
> stuff of apparently personal fighting between RJ and his antagonists.

I also work and live in Argentina and I disagree with my fellow countryman
because of his authoritarian overtones. He should know better before voicing
out his anger and showing off arrogantly as below.

> May be it is something *cultural*.
> If this is the case, feel free to consult with me, as a stranger
> anthropologist trained in the solution of (inter-)cultural conflicts.
> But, _please_, stop with make me feel so astonished by your arguments.

We "Argies" have become too sadly well-known for our brashness for me to let
this posting go by without a formal request of apology to all the members of

JC Garelli

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