Teresa Colleen Hickman (thickman@COMP.UARK.EDU)
Sat, 2 Sep 1995 13:52:54 -0500

Given the fact that 7 of the 9 anthro-l messages I found in my mailbox
this morning were about you-know-who and you-know-what, I guess I am
going to have to stop being bashful and lazy, waiting for all sorts of
good information to be automatically dumped into my lap.

So here goes. I would appreciate any information anyone would be willing
to share about the following:

1. In forder to keep up with what's going on in all 4 (or 5) fields,
which journals would you recommend? Even though I have a U of Arkansas
email account, I live almost 80 miles away from campus and would rather
have the journals come to me than have to drive to them.
2. Is anyone aware of recent work dealing with the "evil eye"? I am
particularly interested in the attitudes of young, educated people. I
have talked to a number of young Greeks who say that it is an
electromagnetic phenomenon. I am aware of Dundes' and DiStasi's volumes,
as well as several articles in the British Medical Journal, Folklore,
Journal of Near Eastern Studies - also a book by Abdullahi Ali Ibrahim.
3. Is anyone familiar with the practice in rural Greece of exhuming
bodies after 3-5 years, and "reading" the bones? I know there is one
book about the practice in the Peloponnese - I've misplaced the title,
but I am aware of this one. I haven't had much luck locating articles
Maybe I'm just not using the right key words for searches. Any suggestions?
4. I'm interested in knowing if anyone is researching the causes of
aggression and warfare. I know a lot of work has been done, but I'm not
aware of any dealing with the notion that these behaviors might be
related to "fight or flight"; in other words, that aggression is a
fear-based behavior. (I'm not talking about male hormones, necessarily,
although it would certainly appear to be significant that males do the
majority of fighting.) Is this old stuff? Is it naive? In any case, I
would appreciate any leads.

Thank you in advance for any and all help, comments, and suggestions. I
also want to thank all of you who in the past have, without knowing it,
directed me to some very helpful sources.

Colleen Hickman