Re: List Moderated???

Nick Corduan (nickc@IQUEST.NET)
Fri, 1 Sep 1995 16:48:49 -0500


I will be interested in seeing if you, who has repeatedly referred to all his
critics as sissies -- my, but isn't that a mature approach? -- has the
backbone, as it were, to respond to this message.

> > getting truly frustrating.
> You'll live.

And die -- what's the point?

> If this list were moderated it would open itself up to a lawsuit
> like America on Line did and get stuck with a lawsuit for
> millions. You need to do a little research in case law.

And you, sir, need to get your nose out of your little books of case law and
experience the real world, where you would find a plethora of successfully
maintained -- and *moderated* lists and discussion groups which have not and
will not be sued.

> Genocide of peoples and their cultures as well as generalized
> ignorance of the whoring of anthropology today to the World Bank
> and big business isn't acceptable behavior either, but its becoming
> standard operating procedure by those products of the racist,

OK, lemme ask you then: what's your proof? You consistently make these
accusations and refer to your "studies," but you have rarely if ever offered
any factual backing for your claims.

> You need to brush up on your critical thinking.

No, sir, you need to brush up on speaking politely without ad hominem attacks
and foul language.

> > Before you start yelling at me about the First Ammendment,
> I won't yell at you about the First Amendment, I'll let the
> silence of Arlington, the plains of Normandy, and beaches of
> the South Pacific make that point for you.

Give me a break. Are you actually accusing me of . . . ???? <shudder> That
was uncalled for, sir.

> Originally there wasn't a whole lot mentioned about the civil rights
> of any but white males either, but the Bill of Rights has been
> seen to have some development since then. Also, learn to research
> case law.

Actually, I was referring to the wording of the constitution, in which "white
males" are not mentioned. You need to learn to read. (That's when there are
words on paper and you actually look at them and comprehend them, not just
think of what you think it should be . . . .)

> I'd sue my university for breach of contract if I were you.

Alright, Robert. Show me in the First Ammendment where it mentions anything
that is at all pertinent to your speach on the internet being moderated?
Give me the quote.

> > Nevertheless, his mail is coming into my personal mail-box.
> The Nazis made use of such frustrations concerning Jews in the
> Frankfurt School.
> Its much more fun to seek the warmth of an ignorant mob and wanna-be
> vigilanty group.

What have I said that deserves to be compared to the Nazis????????

> > and his tiny band of cohorts.
> And the knashing of teeth and rending of garments arisen when I
> see the presumption of a sissy in your intentions and bleatings
> like the other good burgers and sewing circle Pollyannas.
> "Tiny band of cohorts?" Get a grip, act like a "man."

Get a grip on the English language, act like you're coherent.

> > Peace...
> I knew you didn't give much thought to what you say or intend.
> Maybe if you read Himmler's THE TASKS BEFORE US it will
> inspire some backbone in you.

What the *heck* brought this on??????

> > Nick Corduan "...there is as much dignity in tilling
> > at a field as in writing a poem."
> > ( --Booker T. Washington
> At least you were able to memorize in
> English class.

And, I, my dear Robert, actually know the whole quote. It is really a shame
that you, most likely, do not . . .


p.s. No cheating and looking it up.

Nick Corduan "...there is as much dignity in tilling
at a field as in writing a poem."
( --Booker T. Washington