Call For Papers

Mon, 26 Sep 1994 21:07:28 -0800

Dear Anthropology Faculty and Students,
Enclosed is a call for papers for the first annual anthropology student
symposium. Faculty, please publicize this symposium to your students.
Students, please tell other students about this great opportunity!!!


First Annual Anthropology Student Symposium
California State University, Fullerton, March 4 and 5, 1995.

Sposored by - Lambda Alpha, Eta Chapter, Anthropology Honor Society, CSUF

Purpose - The purpose of the symposium is to create an opportunity for students from all college grade levels to participate in a symposium which is comparable to a professional association meeting.

Theme - The theme for the symposium is anything relating to anthropology.
Including subjects from cultural, linguistic, physical/biological, and
archaeological anthropology.

Meeting Dates - the program will take place over two days - March 4 and 5, 1995.
Rules For Participation -
1. Only college and university student papers will be considered for
2. Only one paper per person will be considered.
3. Only submittals adhering to the requirements listed below will be considered.4. Papers will be allowed 15 minutes for presentation, with the time limit
strictly enforced.

Submittal Requirements -
1. A proposal in the form of an abstract in no more than 250 words. The abstractwill be scanned and character recognition used. Use a normal 12 point font. Do
not use boldface, italics, or underlining. Do not use right hand justification,hyphenation, proportional spacing, white out, or have any written edit marks
on the abstract. No changes will be made after submission.
a. Submit one copy with LAST NAME, First Name TITLE OF PROPOSED PAPER (all
on the same line with capitals where they appear above) (then text of
b. Submit one copy of abstract without name or affiliation (see selection
2. Author information sheet with the following information in order: Full name
of author as it will appear in all symposium materials, address, phone number,
affiliation (school name), degree presently being pursued, and audio-visual
equipment required (formats include: overhead projector, carrousel slide
projector [a maximum of 15 slides will be permitted in presentations], or VHS
video cassettes).
3. Proof of student standing. A copy of student class schedule for the most
recent semester or quarter attended (to be eligible for consideration you
must be a student for the 1994-5 school year).
4. A fee of 10 U.S. dollars. This money will be used to run the symposium.
Selection Process -
Selection of papers will be completed by a student committee comprised of five
graduate and undergraduate students. The abstracts without name or affiliation
will be used for selecting the papers.

All submittals must be received by November 1st, 1994.
Late submittals will not be considered for presentation.
Enclose a self-addressed post card with postage to be sent when it is received.

Send submittals to -

Lambda Alpha, Eta Chapter
Department of Anthropology
California State University, Fullerton
P.O. Box 34080
Fullerton, CA 92634-9480

If there are any questions please call (714) 773-3626 and leave a message for
Douglas Orr, Lambda Alpha President. The call will be returned as soon as

For a more direct route - send questions to