Vers. 3.02 update to Internet Resource Guide to Heritage Cons.

Peter Stott (pstott@EMERALD.TUFTS.EDU)
Tue, 27 Sep 1994 00:01:43 -0400

CROSS-POSTED to all the usual suspects. Apologies for duplications.

Friends --

I have updated "Internet Resources for Heritage Conservation,
Historic Preservation and Archaeology" -- now at version 3.02.

The new version includes a notice of the discontinuance of the
Archaeology directory at the UK TeX Archive, the new web page
for the SAH Southern California Chapter, several new listservs
EAAN, ICOM-SWEDEN, and MUSEUM-L's new gateway to UseNet, bit.listserv.
museum-l. Additions, corrections, and other comments are welcome.

As usual, the home gopher location of the Guide is the Clearinghouse
of Subject Oriented Internet Resources (under the 'Michigan'
heading among geographically arranged gophers) -- URL:
The guide will also be found on the ArchNet gopher
-- URL: gopher://
and on the ICOMOS gopher -- gopher://
In some cases 3.02 may not yet have replaced 3.01

The most up-to-date version is the www edition, at

Peter Stott

Peter H. Stott
Heritage Conservation