H-World Invites Anthropologists

Thu, 1 Sep 1994 14:04:38 PCT

H-World is an international electronic discussion group run up by
H-Net (Humanities-On-Line) to provide a forum discussing the
subject of world history.

The moderators of H-World are particularly interested in the
problem of expanding world history courses to include a fuller
range of cross-cultural diversity. For this reason, we strongly
encourage the participation of socio-cultural anthropologists.

H-World is co-moderated by Professor Daniel A. Segal of Pitzer
College of the Claremont Colleges (dsegal@bernard.pitzer.edu)
and Professor Patrick Manning of Northeastern University
(pmanning@neu.edu), and it has an editorial board broadly
representative of the state of the discipline.

To subscribe, send the following 1-line email message to

SUBSCRIBE H-world Firstname Surname, Yourschool

For example,

subscribe H-World Jennifer Brown, North State U.