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Subject: The art of invention
Author: (Kay Maloney) at internet-e-mail
Date: 10/31/96 12:14 AM

For developers everywhere: take heart!

borrowed from (John Nunley)

When the wheel was first invented it took a few hundred
years to iron out
the bug. The wheels made by Seller-of-Used-Rocks were
square, and all
his customers complained about the bumpy ride. One day his
customer, Basher-of-Small-Furry-Rodents, was visiting the
Seller-of-Used-Rocks proudly displayed his newest invention.

"Here Basher, is my new improved wheel. I call it the
Isn't she a beauty? Ten skins I'm going to charge; but to
you, my friend,
a real bargain at six skins each, provided you buy two pairs
and a spare"

Basher-of-Small-Furry-Rodents stared at the new wheel with
some puzzlement.
Eventually he said, "But it's triangular!"

"Of course," replied Seller-of-Used-Rocks.

"How can that be an improvement?"

"Don't you see?" expostulated Seller-of-Used-Rocks. "One
less bump."