session on archaeological film (re: anthro in the news)

John McCreery (jlm@TWICS.COM)
Sat, 26 Oct 1996 09:35:08 +0900

Thought this might be interesting for others concerned about how (at least
a part of) anthropology gets handled in the news.

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>At the annual meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America and the
>American Philological Association, I will be chairing a session I
>organized entitled, "Archaeology on Film and Television." The meeting
>will take place in New York City at the New York Hilton and Towers,
>December 27-30, 1996. Our session will be on Saturday, December 28 from
>1:30-4:00. The program for our session is as follows:
> Peter Allen: "The Tyranny of 'Broadcast Quality' and Archaeology Films"
> Carole Lazio: "Adjusting the Focus: Archaeology on National Television"
> Ted Timreck: (filmmaker - "The Mystery of the Red Paint People" and
> "Vikings in America") "Who Controls the Vision of the Past?"
> Nicholas S. Nicastro: "Visualizing Archaeology: Problems and Prospects"
> David Kutz: (filmmaker - "The African Burial Ground") "Making "The
> African Burial Ground""
> Lucia Nixon and Simon Price: ""The Sphakia Survery Video"
> Anyone wishing further information should contact me.
>Peter Allen

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