query re. Isleta Pueblo literature

Jan Wilson (G1824303@NMSUVM1.NMSU.EDU)
Fri, 25 Oct 1996 18:21:37 MDT

I was unable to reach her by phone today. I've already done an ERIC search
and a couple of other CD-ROM searches. This is a quick down and dirty
search for pertinent info., and I apologize for asking for help when I have
not done an extensive search myself first. I'm going to comb through
the Journala of Anthro and Ed tomorrow, plus look at Cultural Survival back
issues. I've looked through recent holdings of Winds of Change, Journal of
American Indian Education, and a few other journals -- but I have not yet
looked at back issues.

Thanks for the help.

JanW, G1824303@nmsuvm1.nmsu.edu
(New Mexico State University)