COSWA grad student roundtable

Thu, 24 Oct 1996 14:45:20 EDT

I've been asked to post this announcement about an
opportunity for graduate students at the AAA Annual
Meeting in San Francisco at noon on Saturday, November 23.
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Please help get the word out to graduate students attending
the AAA meetings in San Francisco that there will be a
Roundtable Luncheon for Graduate Students, sponsored by the AAA's
Committee for the Status of Women in Anthropology.

This will be a great opportunity for graduate students to
informally interact with established professionals on issues
concerning women in anthropology.

Seven tables have been organized around topics that address
the present and future role(s) of women in anthropology.
Table hosts and topics are:

1. Yolanda T. Moses (City College of New York) "Women and
the Future of Anthropology in the Academy"
2. Jane H. Hill (U Arizona) "Is There Still Discrimination in
Academia and If There Is, What Can We Do About It"
3. Wendy Ashmore (U Pennsylvania) and Katherine M. Verdery
(Johns Hopkins U) "Women and Fieldwork Outside the U.S."
4. Shirley Fiske (U.S. Dept. of Commerce) and Bonnie McCay
(Rutgers U - Cook College) "Women and the Environment"
5. Linda S. Cordell (U Colorado) and Jo Allyn Archambault
(Smithsonian) "Women and the Future of Anthropology Museums"
6. Judithanne Justice (U California, San Francisco) "Women
and Public Policy"
7. Margaret C. Nelson (Arizona State U) and Katherine A. Spielmann
(Arizona State U) "Fieldwork, Grants, and Publishing in Archaeology"

The luncheon will be held on Saturday, November 23
from 12 noon to 2pm in the Hilton Hotel. The cost of
the luncheon is $20. To register, please call
Elizabeth Price at the AAA headquarters, 703/528-1902
ext. 3025 by November 4th. For more information on the
roundtable, please contact Barbara Mills, U of
Arizona, 520/621-9671 or <>.

Barbara J. Mills
Associate Professor
Department of Anthropology
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ 85721-0030
Patsy Evans
American Anthropological Association