Re: Fieldwork

Tue, 15 Oct 1996 20:24:22 -0700

One way of becoming familiar with issues surrounding reproduction in the US
would be to volunteer at a Planned Parenthood clinic. If you find an issue you'd
like to explore further (e.g., by interviewing staff or patients) you might be
able to get permission from the clinic director to pursue it. To see things from
a different perspective, find out if your local university hospital is
conducting any research on new reproductive technologies (e.g. cord blood
banking, genetic testing, etc.) and offer to add an ethnographic component to
their existing research.

RE schools and scholars, check recent issues of American Anthropologist, Medical
Anthropology Quarterly, etc., and the agenda for next month's AAA meetings for
names of anthropologists working in this area. Write, e-mail or call them for
info about their programs and further research suggestions.

Good luck.

Nancy Vuckovic