graduate schools in ethnomusicology

Gary B. Palmer (gbp@NEVADA.EDU)
Tue, 15 Oct 1996 11:58:59 -0700

Dear List Members,
Thanks for all the suggestions for graduate schools in
ethnomusicology. Ted has found them quite useful. I am
including a listing of excerpts from the responses with
this posting. Apologies if I omitted anyone.
Gary Palmer
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For African music the obvious choices are UCLA and Indiana.
Aaron Fox

over the years I've heard that the University of Maryland is very
good. But the problem with advice like mine is that you really need to
check things out carefully for yourself to find a school where you
can pursue your particular interests. So, I'd recommend that you start
with an on-line journal, the EOL (Ethnomusicology On-Line Journal) at:
Margaret Ronkin

The University of Alberta offers
such degrees (I believe as combined music/anthro too);
Maire Anderson-McLean

I can recommend the music department at U.B.C. for musicology.
Cyril B.

One that immediately comes to mind is University of Illinois @
Urbana-Champaign. I believe Bruno Nettl has a joint appointment in
anthropology and the schoole of Music there -- I know he's there. I had
a music student from UC transfer into their graduate programmelast year
from our Music Conservatory (which is mainly a performance school) and
she was liking it very much when she last visited me in the Spring.

You might also give Indiana a look, tho I have not been following that
prograqm in recent years.

Joe Foster
Joseph F Foster
Dept. of Anthropology
University of Cinainnati, OH 45221-0380

UCLA should be an obvious choice. Contact Tim Rice, dept chair.
Best, Lynn (Maners)

A friend of mine was enrolled in a PhD program in Ethnomusicology at U
Texas, Austin. It was apparently a good school and he was happy with the

Iain Walker * Dept. of Anthropology * University of Sydney *

"L'homme qui a deux femmes perd son ame;
"L'homme qui a deux maisons perd sa raison"
"mdru ukana hahe na ha nduhuze"

[A grad student] is hoping to transfer to a PhD program
where ethnomusicology is taught along with good solid linguistic

I think he's considering Indiana, Texas, UCLA, and Penn.

Jim Wilce

Try University of Maryland College Park. They have both masters and PhD
programs, manage the ethnomusicology mailing list for the Society of
Ethnomusicology. The number of the graduate studies office is
Eugenia M. Moreno