Grad prgms w/feminist anths

Karoline M. Hermes (U25414@UICVM.BITNET)
Tue, 31 Oct 1995 14:41:00 CST

I am looking for any graduate school programs anywhere in the country that
have a concentration of faculty that deal with gender/feminist anth. In
the future, I would like to begin to examine anthropology from the feminine
point of view. Much valuable information has been lost or overlooked due to
the viewing of human evolution, development of society, etc. from the male
only perspective. I am not saying, of course, that this was a conscious
effort on the part of all the male anths out there! But, at a more simple
level,seek cessation of using the term "Man" to represent all of us (which
yes, does continue), or books that illustrate the human form with the male
only. What about a female material culture? We identify Paleolithic
cultures through tool kits, used by men. Where does the female contribution
lie? These are the issues that interest me; along with development of female
or male consciousness, violence between the sexes, resentment of female
reproductive powers and subsequent subjugation of females for control over
their reproduction etc., (without sounding too idealistic, ultimatly seeking an
equilibrium of expressive freedom and life choices for both sexes...).
Is there anyone else out there who also loves this stuff, whom I can
study with beginning next Fall? Thanks very much in advance.
Karoline Hermes

PS. Individual thanks to come soon to those who responded to my last posting!
All of your info was invaluable to me - thanks.