Re: Korean Shamanism

Daryl William Barnett (dbarnett@CATS.UCSC.EDU)
Tue, 31 Oct 1995 11:47:55 -0800

On Tue, 31 Oct 1995, Pauline Shafer wrote:

> Hi! I am a frequentor of the list and need to some assistance. I am
> having a hard time locating fairly recent, 1980-->, publications about
> Korean Shamanesses. It is for a paper where I will be looking at what
> the nearly exclusively female occupied role of shamans in Korean culture,
> reflects on their ideas of gender, their ideas of how gender interacts with
> the supernatural or sacred, etc.... But dangit! I can't find much material at
> our anthro library! So if anyone knows of any articles, books, etc...
> that deals even slightly with this topic can you post the title, author,
> the usual.
> Thank you in adavnce!
> Pauline Escudero-Shafer

Pauline, There is a magazine called "Shaman's Drum" which I have not
found in the UC systems libraries. There was an issue last year
(1994) though that gave extensive coverage of Korean Shamanesses. If you
were to look in a bookstore that carried a wide selection of esoteric
magazines, you might be able to find a current issue, and then find a way
to order back issues. They publish quarterly.

Daryl Barnett
Anthropology Undergrad -- UC Santa Cruz