Adventures in Archaeology (fwd) a new book of some concern

Hugh W. Jarvis (hjarvis@ACSU.BUFFALO.EDU)
Tue, 31 Oct 1995 13:30:00 -0500

Apparently notices about this book have been circulating around the museum
community. Archaeologists especially in the US might want to read the
following, as well as my comments at the bottom (I called up the editor
and spoke to her personally about this book).

Hugh Jarvis


---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 95 14:45:00 MST
From: Brian Kenny - MCDOT <>
Subject: Urgent Notice

The following letter was sent to a local museum curator, then forwarded to
me. The publishing company has obtained a mailing list and may be sending
this letter out around the country.

PLEASE TAKE DIRECT IMMEDIATE ACTION !! Then, please be sure to re-post this
message across the Internet with as many responsible historic preservation
groups as feasible.

Ask the publisher to send you a draft of the publication for review. Call
the publishing company via their 800 number and "chew" on Ms. Slabaugh a
bit. Send the publisher copies of federal, state and tribal regulations
regarding surface collecting, and take time to explain what the regulations
really mean. Mention the Site Steward programs now in place around the

This book should not be published or distributed without some serious review
and mountains of input from the caring avocational and professional
archaeological communities. The publisher's oxymoronic comments about a
chapter on the ethics of collecting must be challenged. If you care not to
speak now, don't be surprised about the vandalism coming your way.

Brian Kenny

attachment below <verbatim as received>

Adventure Publications, Inc.
October 2, 1995

Tempe Historical Museum
809 East Southern Avenue
Tempe, AZ 85282
Phone: (602) 350-5105

Dear Park, Site, Center, Organization or Museum:

We are publishing a book to be released in March of 1996 entitled
"Adventures in Stone Artifacts" by Sandra Livoti and Jon Kiesa. It is
designed to encourage young people in the hobby of arrowhead/surface
hunting. Along with information about where to look and what to look for,
we are devoting an entire chapter to the ethics involved and an appendix
with listed resources. We would like to include your organization (or park,
site, center or museum) as a resource for further study or information.

Please verify the above address and phone number, where applicable, by
signing on the line below and returning in the envelope provided or faxing
to the number below. We will then know we are providing correct information
to our readers. Also, please indicate if you are interested in receiving
promotional/ordering information on the book when it is available.

Thank you so much for your cooperation.

Signature to indicate information is correct.

Name Printed:


I am interested in receiving more promotional/ordering
information: yes no


Gerri Slabaugh
Adventure Publications
Box 269
Cambridge, MN 55008
1-612-689-9039 (fax)

If not correct, please correct above or provide below:


I just called up Gerri Slabaugh, the editor of that Adventures in Stone
book, at Adventure Publications (1-800-678-7006 1-612-689-9039 (fax)).
Yes, the book is in press. They are hoping to publish it this spring.
She is most friendly and constructive. She wants input, has a section
on where not to collect, a section on ethics, and encourages young folks
to get in touch with museums etc. to get informed. I suggest a little
constructive feedback would be best here as the book is going to be
published, with or without it. She is willing to send out draft copies
for people to look over. A couple of museums have asked not to be listed
in their directory, which is a shame. In my opinion, as an idealist, if
people are going to collect, then either we need laws prohibiting it
outright, or we need to encourage a dialogue and turn them into
archaeologists; i.e. do it right! Of course, I'd like them to look at
the artifacts but leave them in situ. :-)