Request for Levy-Bruhl and Lienhardt

Anthony Todd Estes (aestes@NIU.EDU)
Mon, 30 Oct 1995 11:44:45 -0600

I am sending this message for the second time requresting any leads or ideas
for developing a criticism of either:

Levi-Bruhl's _How Natives Think_
or Lienhardt's _Divinity and Experience_

This could simply be leads on the topics of:

(for Levi-Bruhl) "collective representations," "law of
participation," or Levi-Bruhl's assumption of native reasoning as
inferior but evolving toward superior Western catagorical reasoning;

or, (for Lienhardt) any topics he is engaged in (I cannot detail
them as of yet, except to note his connection with his teacher,
Evan's-Pritchard, and that his work concerns Dinka religion).

This can also concern the historical context of the author or book, of course.

Many things,
Anthony Todd Estes